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Great culture is built on connections.

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Australia's only
Workplace Partner

Workplace creates a place for your people to belong.


Workplace is a business communication tool from Meta. It keeps your employees connected, engaged and informed, wherever they are and whatever they do. 

As Meta is the powerhouse behind this tool, they have picked up the heavy 'technical' lifting - which means we don't need to sell you some fancy tech package.
As Australia's only 'culture-first' partner, what we help you with is how to get the best out of this tool and connect it to those that matter most - your people.  

What does it mean to be 'Culture First'? 

Emjoy is on a mission to redefine culture with joy. And Workplace from Meta is an incredible enabler of creating great cultures. To be a culture-first partner is simple we focus on those things that matter most to your people, your culture and your strategy.

Our Methodology is: 
- 3 or 4 step method that speaks to culture first approach. Assess, build, embed and engage? 

We connecting this to your Purpose & Values, embedding it within your Leadership Group, building out and embedding your employee value proposition (EVP) through the platform, creating reward and recognition programs and more.

With first hand experience implementing both as a client and as a reseller, we know what matters most and where great value lies with a tool like this. And we keep it simple. No complicated SOW's, project plans or unnecessary meetings. We help you implement a platform that will connect, engage and enhance your culture, like never before. 

Our Methodology is simple - 
Emjoy Culture Assessment / Create Working Group
/ Follow a simple project plan / get online and work towards tangible results. 

Why Workplace?

The Impact of Workplace

Workplace means different things...
to different people

HR / Comms / EXEC / Frontline

Testimonials? Or Something that stands out about the platform

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