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Everyone needs purpose in their life.  And when you spend so much time at work, it’s essential that where you work every day, has one too. Purpose tells your people “why the company they work for exists”. It creates an emotional connection to why they get up every morning.  Knowing the vision of your company is important, but if you don’t know why the company exists, your people will never fully be able to connect. 


Your purpose drives every decision at your business.


Your values are your behaviours. They guide everything you do. And they belong to everyone. They should inspire yet be attainable. Everyone from the CEO to the newest employee must live them, and most importantly they should come from your people.


It's the foundation of joyful cultures and companies that want to stand out from the rest.



Listening sessions to understand your people (face to face/survey)

Design session with the leadership team

Creation of purpose and values statements and imagery

Roadmap to embed across parts of your business

Support to launch and bring it to life



We talk about the customer journey. What are the touch points for your customer throughout their experience with your company?  That experience is often a reflection of the experience your employees feel. If their experience isn’t one that creates joy in their lives, why would your customers be any different? 


Your employee experience begins before they even walk through the door. When they are deciding if its your company they want to work at.  To the moment they leave. A loyal employee, ready to shout your praises at every bbq.  Every moment in between. From the first promotion, to the first baby . Understanding your employee journey helps you focus on what matters and bring joy in every moment.



Mapping your employee experience

Identifying the quick wins/short term and long term opportunities

Design new approaches to attraction and hire

Rethink recognition

Public Speaker


Think about the leader you loved the most? How did they talk to you? Was it laced with big words that made you feel small and unimportant? Or was it that person who talked to you like a real human? Was it that person who you could build a connection with? How you speak matters.  It can either bring joy or take it away.


As a business how you communicate to the masses matter.  Email is not the future. It takes away the human connection. Joyful workforces are all about connection, so having the tools to do that well are critical.



Personal brand language & links to your values

Redefining how you communicate as a business 

Implementation of a new communication tool 

Make an exisiting communication tool work for you

Quick Sync


Leadership is a privilege. When you accept this role you accept that you are responsible for inspiring, motivating, guiding and creating joy in your business.  Is it a big job? Yes! But it doesn’t need to be complicated. Its actually really simple and that’s what scary. Real leadership requires vulnerability and asks you to be perfectly human, so perfectly flawed.



Understand your leadership challenges - what do your people think of your leadership?

Identify the opportunities for change & how to keep it front of mind

Agree on a new set of leader creeds & behaviours

Coaching & Mentoring (option for LSI survey)

Open Space Office


Ask. Listen. Repeat.  Engaged workforces are ones that are listened too.  They are businesses where you constantly have your pulse on what’s going on.  Letting issues fester is a culture killer. It doesn’t mean you can fix everything but you can talk about everything.  People just want to be heard. 


Remember your’e dealing with humans.  Human’s crave happiness. So listen to your people. Find out what makes them tick and don’t be afraid to bring fun wherever you can. Laughter and joy is not unproductive.  Toxic cultures that don’t listen to their people are. 



Review your current listening culture


Support in designing and implementing a new listening tool 


Support in maximising an existing listening tool


Implementing the 5 point plan post listening and creating a listening culture


Creating a roadmap to happiness

Conference Meeting


Anyone that knows me , knows I love a good chat. But more than that – I love to inspire.  The last 15 years of my career has given me experiences that must be shared. Ideas that must be discussed and a passion that craves an audience.  Speaking about culture for me is a privilege.  If I can help others see a new way, find a new skill or walk away ready to try something new, for me it’s been a great day. Whether it’s a key note, roundtable chat or breakout session, if its energy and inspiration your looking for, look no further than Emjoy.



roundtable discussions


keynote presentations 


tailored topics


breakout workshops

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