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  • Luke Evans

One Year, One Word - Bravery

April 2022

If I had to choose a word to sum up the first 12 months of Emjoy – it would be Bravery!

The ability to be open and look at your culture requires Bravery. Challenging old ways of leading and embracing technology to connect your people, is not only smart, but also brave. The first year of Emjoy has been littered with moments of joy, deep learning and surprising twists. Not surprisingly, for Luke and I, we have pivoted our thinking about what will truly make a difference. Not to make a small mark, but start a movement. As we designed our new Leadership program, “Be the leader you wish you had” we wanted to pioneer something new. And to get a different result, you need to think differently; to be bold. We are extraordinarily proud of this program and know this content will shape our coaching and leadership development work for 2022.

But it all started with the why? WHY do organisations exist? And a year later this still remains the key question for any business we walk into. Very few organisations truly know their ‘why’. And if they figure it out, the right way, they struggle to embed it. Being purpose-led is a commitment and we tip our hat to some of the incredible organisations that jumped on this journey with us this year. From our first client, the powerhouse team at OMB Solicitors, to Bolton Clarke whose industry was pushed to the brink during the COVID crisis, or the staff in Injury Management at Australia Post – who bring joy and hope in their colleagues darkest moments. These were just some of those brave organisations we worked with who were committing to doing things differently.

And whether we were running focus groups, presenting to executive teams or on stage, one topic just kept coming up - Workplace from Meta, and how it supported and transformed the culture when we implemented it in 2020 at Virgin Australia. This platform is the third and most critical arm to our culture puzzle. Communication is king. And with 7 million users worldwide, we know Workplace is the answer. With firsthand client experience, we are excited to now be an official partner & reseller of Workplace, bringing this to life for organisations. We have just gone live on our first implementation with Auto Parts Group, and we felt as excited as the first time we rolled it out.

We are 12 months in and only getting started on our mission to redefine culture with joy. Whether a business wants to become purpose-led, build great leaders or simply connect better than before, we are excited to bring back meaning, joy and connection in every Workplace, and look forward to being in touch with you soon!

Keep creating joy,

Em & Luke


Workplace from Meta keep your employees connected, engaged and informed, wherever they are and whatever they do. As Australia’s ‘culture-first’ Workplace reseller, we help you connect, engage and inform your people on how best to use the tool and grow your business. Fast track it today by contacting us for a 30 minute chat.


Too often we believe that the ‘human’ part of leadership is a given, when it’s usually the most complex. Don’t leave your people and your leaders in the dark. Show them the light and help them to become “the leader they wish they had”. We offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, half and full day programs, find out more.

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