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Truth is, we focus so strongly on this idea of a great leader.  Like we can attain this independently of being a great human. They are deeply connected. Genuine, authentic leadership comes from knowing who you are, faults and all, and striving to show up as a better person. Leaving your “baggage” at the door, when that door may no longer physically exist in work anymore, has changed the game. You away from work, is also you at work. How you lead at home will affect how you lead at work and vice versa. In order to fulfil your potential, to become the leader you wish you had at work and at home, it’s about turning on the lights across many aspects of your own self. But the result is a clear path to manage relationships, lean into challenges, push through barriers & inspire others.


Culture isn’t just in the workplace. It’s how you choose to show up in your own life. So embark on your own journey to redefine culture with joy. This is the Emjoy way and what we are offering through both 1:1 and Group Human Leadership coaching.



1:1 individual coaching sessions

•    60 -120 min coaching sessions available

1:1 individual coaching packages
•    2-hour coaching session
•    Follow up email with summary and plan
•    Available for up to 2 phone coaching sessions

*minimum 3 months


Group coaching Packages
•    2-hour coaching session
•    Follow up email with summary and plan
•    Available for 1 phone coaching session per participant.

**minimum 4 people


We encourage all clients to complete either a 30 min complimentary discovery call or a leadership questionnaire to identify key pain points and areas for growth.

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with Emma


For me, a good leadership coach, comes from lived experience. Yes, my coaching is backed by leadership research and many of the skills I teach are part of Emjoy’s own leadership program. But given my experience as  a senior leader for over 15 years in large scale organisations, my deep skill is having been a well loved and respected leader. My greatest joy was that the people that worked for me believed in me, followed me, worked incredibly hard for me and helped position me as a true human leader. I put all I know into practice and saw the outcomes of being both a high performing individual and passionate people leader at the same time.
Whether you’re in a senior role and struggling to find joy in leadership, unable to build connections with your people whilst delivering on targets and profits, or you’re an upcoming leader and anxious about the responsibility of leadership - I want to help. I have coaches in my own life, and I know the value of this and want to give that back to others.

What I bring to the table:

  • Empathy & relatability

  • A positive approach but with a focus on outcomes

  • Experience at Senior levels managing large and complex teams

What I want people to walk away with;

  • More self-belief and confidence

  • Become known for being a great human leader

  • Build strong impactful relationships with your employees & colleagues

  • Ability to influence change through positive leadership

  • Learn skills around driving performance through inspiration, story-telling and leading with intent.

  • Help others develop, grow and achieve through your leadership.

My Experience:

  • 15 + years in Senior Leadership roles, including the former General Manager of Culture & Employee Experience at Virgin Australia Group (2009 – 2020)

  • Co-founder of Emjoy Australia – Culture first business specialising in Purpose led organisations, Human first Leadership and Culture through effective communication

  • Co- designer of Emjoy leadership program “Be the Leader you wish you had”

  • Accredited practitioner in Human Synergistics LSI/LS2/GSI

  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Trained Practitioner

  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

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with Luke


As a leader, in any field or discipline, we can find ourselves stuck at times. Whether it’s our career path or outlook, our personal attitudes or beliefs, or our ability to manage what is being thrown our way in the work place - things can get tough. I know I’ve experienced this plenty of times throughout my career. But what I have learned for myself is that in these moments, the best leaders don’t just rely on what they know, they seek counsel in those who have been there and develop their own solutions on how to move forward.
I believe to be a great leader you must grow through increasing your knowledge and then applying it pragmatically through experience. That’s where my service comes in. I offer a ‘lived experience model’, designed to ask the right questions, challenge or go deeper with your existing models and seek out opportunity to overcome roadblocks that are holding you back. No one person has all the answers - ever. But a great coach knows how to build trust, listen to both what is being said and what isn’t, and help you navigate your own challenges through shared experience and consultation.


What I bring to the table:

  • Logic & Pragmatism

  • Optimism & Empathy

  • International Business Knowledge & Experience   


What I want every person to walk away with:

  • Actionable strategies to start implementing change immediately

  • Tools for further self-reflection and enquiry A sense of accountability and responsibility to be the change they desire

  • A feeling of hope and opportunity 

My Experience:

  • 10+ years in leadership positions across both Multi-National companies, as well as small business, managing teams of up to 60 people.

  • 5+ years running a business that serves individuals to find their purpose and create purpose-led brands 

  • Co-Founder of Emjoy Australia (Redefining Culture with Joy) & Blonde & Bear (We find your purpose, We create your business)

  • Co-designer of Emjoy’s ‘Be the Leader you wish you had’ leadership program 

  • Host of “Itch” and the “C word” podcasts

  • Author of “Itch - Uncovering my 30 lessons in 30 years” and

  • Vast Volunteer Experience across Australia, Nepal and South Africa 

  • NLP + Life Coaching certified 

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