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To create a great culture, we believe that every business should be 'purpose-led'. That means knowing WHY you exist and using that WHY to drive WHAT you do each day. But for so many, creating a Vision, Purpose & Values, as part of their strategy, ends with words on a page.

We work with businesses to design and embed their own Purpose & Values in a way that brings it to life for their people and their customer, throughout their employee & customer experiences. In our work, we:

  • Create ‘Purpose Playbooks’ which support onboarding

  • Design strategies of how to embed it within recruitment, recognition, and reward, and

  • Align the work to your overall business strategy, using it to drive outcomes and build productivity and engagement.  

  • Develop 'Purpose to Promise' programs, which Design and Embed a customer service culture within your business. 


  • Design and creation of new Purpose & Values 

  • Refresh and relaunch of existing Purpose work

  • Bringing Purpose & Values to life through all employee touch points:

    • recruitment

    • onboarding

    • recognition

    • reward

  • Purpose Playbook

  • Leader Guides

  • 'Purpose to Promise' - using purpose to build your customer service culture.

Purpose & Values
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An Emjoy leadership program designed to redefine 
the meaning of true human leadership.

Be the Leader you wish you had

We believe that leadership isn’t always a skill you can teach, but it is certainly a vision you can set and a series of actions that will make you a better version of the leader you can naturally become.


Our program, ‘Be the leader you wished you had', was designed around 4 leadership principles and brought to life through 12 key modules that we believe make a great leader.  


Through our 1:1 coaching and group training opportunities, we tailor our program to the needs of your business and we equip both the new leader and the experienced professional with a new toolkit that enables them to unlock the best out of people.


Leadership is not a soft skills role, it is a head, heart and mind role, dedicated to bringing vision to life and guiding people toward their most capable selves. Our leadership coaching is not just about creating a movement to create better leaders; it is about rethinking what it means to be a great human leader. 


  • Individually tailored Leadership programs to meet to the needs of your leaders across the business​

  • Delivery methods:

    • In person

    • Online

    • 1-1 Coaching

  • Our program is built from real life experience and backed with the latest studies in behavioural and neuroscience 

Leadership Program
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We offer digital communication solutions for businesses to overcome modern day challenges of communicating effectively in the Workplace. 

One of these challenges, that also  in creating great culture, is the ability for your leaders to be equipped to connect with their people quickly, easily and in a meaningful way. And for your people to be able to better communicate between them and their leaders, and create greater connection with their peers.


At Emjoy, we offer digital communication solutions for businesses to be able to overcome these challenges. 

As Australia’s ‘culture-first’ partner for Workplace from Meta, a business communication tool from Meta, we offer services to implement and embed this platform to keep your employees connected, engaged and informed, wherever they are and whatever they do. Having first-hand experience as a client delivering Workplace from Meta at Virgin Australia, we understand the power of this tool and the ability it has to transform any business culture. 

What we know is that email is not the future. It takes away the human connection. And joyful workforces are all about connection, so having the tools to do that well are critical. A great employee experience and great culture is intricately linked to a great digital communication platform. 

Want to learn more about Workplace? Click below.


  • Whether it is a social platform, podcasting, or other digital internal communication strategies, we help you create a culture that is connected in a way that truly speaks to your people

  • As official partners of:

    • Workplace from Meta, we offer support to:

      • Design and implement the platform for new users

      • Provide a cultural review of platforms with existing users

    • Podshape, we offer support to design and implement new audio strategies




In addition to our three specialities which are the pillars for a joyful culture, we are available to provide support with the following culture and employee experience services.










Additional Services
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